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I wrote a review of Basic Fantasy over here. So, if you don’t know what Basic Fantasy is, go read about it and come back. Not only that, download it and play some. It’ll be awesome.

Because I like the game and I’m a nerd, I felt inspired to code something up for it. If you look on the Basic Fantasy website under the Tools menu options you will find a few cool web-based applications to help you out when preparing for a session. I especially recommend the MapMatic application. It is all kinds of cool. Looking around I noticed that while there was a character generator, it really only came up with Race, Class and Ability Scores. There’s a label for Level but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Seeing a need, I decided to do something.

Presenting… The Basic Fantasy Character Generator. It will create a character using the standard rules for the game. All the race/class combinations are supported. The ability scores should limit themselves to valid values. Thief skills, Undead Turning and Spell Lists are automatically generated. I said in my review that you could create a Basic Fantasy character in about 5 minutes. Now you can do it in less than half that time. Pick a race and a class and then one of the starting equipment packages from the supplement. Badabing! Badaboom! Character! Oh… give it a name.

The best part of the application, in my opinion, is that it is completely written in Javascript and is Open Source. It is hosted over here on Github. You can feel free to download the generator, attach it to your own page and modify it until your heart is content. You can also contribute to the code. I welcome the help. I really, really welcome the help if you are a graphic designer and you can make my bare-bones HTML page prettier. Mind you, that isn’t a hard standard to meet.

In any event, I hope you enjoy the little application. My intent is to expand it over time to include supplemental races and classes. I also want to add equipment, spells and magic items. Perhaps I can even generate a nice PDF or printable version of the character sheet.

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