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Good stuff happens!

You can see bumper stickers and facebook images all over the place that will tell you that “Shit Happens”. This is true. Shit does happen. Good stuff happens too. It just doesn’t make a snappy catch phrase. Good stuff happened last night. Mike Williams, the editor of Bring Your A-Game Magazine, asked me to be one of his writers on staff. After considering for about 3 nanoseconds I said, “Hell, yes!” I’m honored and more than a little shocked at the invitation but I’m not fool enough to turn it down.

The most noticeable affect around here will be that the majority of my gaming related posts will now be over there. I’ll keep the articles I’ve already written up here but won’t be adding many new gaming articles. I’ll write about other things here. That’s probably a good thing anyway. It’ll tighten up the focus of the site.

So… off with you! Go click on the link and check out Bring Your A-Game Magazine! They’re awesome! Even more so now that I’m there.

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