The Haven Campaign – Session #3

My son finished his schoolwork on time this week and was able to join us.  He made a Thief that used long swords, bows and spears (polearms).  So Patchie, the Thief, joined our intrepid band of murder hobos / adventurers.

The session was a bit shorter than usual tonight.  We started a little late and I had to make a character for my son.  Making the character only took about 5 minutes, so it was good to see that once the rules are known that character creation is pretty quick.

The party woke up after a night’s rest to an overcast day.  Fen was pretty sure that it was going to rain at some point in the morning so they packed up and trudged down the slope of the mountain to the small lake in the valley below.  Fen picked up the trail from yesterday and followed it around the lake and into the woods.  At the edge of the woods a group of other tracks joined with the one they were following.  Fen thought the tracks converged about the same time but wasn’t sure whether the two joined together or whether one followed close behind the other.  Regardless, they followed.

Fen took the lead as a scout.  He did pretty well and spotted an ambush set up along the trail by some orcs for the party.  He didn’t want to give away his position so he loosed a warning shot from his bow at Lucky and Gunar.  The arrow certainly got their attention but also triggered the ambush.  There were 5 common orcs, 1 orc leader and 1 orc shaman in the ambush.

Gunar and Lucky rushed out in front of Quinton and Patchie to form a front line.  Most of the common orcs moved to engage them.  Fen spotted the orc shaman behind a tree and began peppering him with arrow fire.  The shaman hit Fen with a nasty Minor Death Cloud spell that drained his strength.  Quinton moved up close to Lucky and Enlarged her.  The next round he Enlarged Gunar.  Meanwhile the remaining 2 common orcs circled behind the party and fell upon Patchie in the rear, dropping him over the course of 2 rounds.  Gunar mananged to kill an orc while several of them ganged up on Lucky and dropped her as well.  Gunar killed another orc while Quinton backed away to support him with sling bullets.

The orc leader noticed Quinton cast a spell and immediately ordered the remaining 3 orcs to capture the gnome while he engaged Gunar.  The orcs quickly obeyed.  Or at least they tried to.  Quinton turned around and bravely fled screaming into the woods as the orcs gave chase.  Gunar took the brief respite as an opportunity to revive Lucky with a healing spell.

Fen, meanwhile, rushed the shaman and attacked him with his daggers.  It took a few rounds but he eventually killed the shaman and took off towards Patchie to make sure that the Thief was stabilized.  On the way, he took shots at the orc leader who had engaged Gunar and Lucky.  The leader was apparently a battlerager of some sort as he went berserk knocked Gunar unconscious.  Fortunately Fen hit twice and killed the leader and giving Fen, Gunar, Lucky and Patchie a chance to recover a bit.

Quinton ran far and fast and the orcs sent after him gave up after a while.  Still not feeling completely safe, Quinton climbed a tree and waited to see what might transpire.  He hadn’t waited too long before 2 wolves found him in the tree.  They sat at the base of the tree and waited until a young woman of somewhat feral appearance showed up.  She seemed on good terms with the wolves and beckoned Quinton down and he complied.  The young woman was the wild druidess that had been rumored in the area.  She was tracking some orcs and wondered if Quinton had any knowledge of them.  He explained that they had been attacked and then both of them (and the 2 wolves) decided to go find the rest of Quinton’s party.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had recovered somewhat and had investigated the orcs that had ambushed them.  They seemed to be pretty standard for orcs except the battlerager and the shaman.  Both the leader types had healing potions and the shaman also had another one of those fishy-smelling potions.

Quinton returned with the druidess in tow.  The woman introduced herself as Oleanne and examined the battle scene.  After seeing that the party was okay, she took off in pursuit of the 2 orcs that had chased after Quinton but had given up.  The group decided to continue to pursue the tracks of the cloaked woman.  Fen took up the tracking duties again.

Soon the terrain began to rise and the party left the confines of the forest for the rocky slopes of the mountains.  It began to rain in earnest and before long Fen could no longer follow the trail.  Oleanne caught up with the group and informed them that the orcs had been dealt with but that they should return to the valley below.  Apparently at least one mountain drake had made a lair in these mountains.

The party returned to the valley and decided to explore the mountains at the western end of the valley instead.  They found several shallow caves that contained nothing interesting.  Then they happened up a cave that held one of the aforementioned mountain drakes.  After a tense battle with the beast, the party prevailed.  They found a small hoard of coins and items in various states of repair.  One longsword was of obviously superior make and Quinton confirmed that it was indeed magical.  It turned out to be a Longsword +1 / +3 vs. Undead.  The group gave the sword to Patchie, who had that particular weapons skill.

The group was short on food and so decided to cut the tail from the mountain drake and see if it was edible.  Patchie cooked the tail much like you would prepare alligator tail and the party ate well for the evening.

Observations on the System

I need to decide how healing potions and such are going to work.  I’m leaning towards them refreshing a certain amount of Hit Dice when the character uses them.  So a Minor Healing Potion would refresh up to 5 Hit Dice upon drinking it.  The character could then use the Hit Dice, of course.

The group got an advancement at the end of the session.  Since there were only characters with 1 or 2 classes, all of them got to go up a level.  So, hit points were increased and some small magical gains were made.  The next advancement will see the single class characters go up a level again while the dual class characters remain 2nd level.  Then we will start to see if the focus on a single class begins to even out with the flexibility afforded dual class characters.

Going to implement the weapon variation rules I contemplated last session in the coming session.  We’ll see how that plays out.

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