The Haven Campaign – Session #5

The game session last night was a bit abbreviated. We started a bit late due to eating a nice meal prepared by my wife; butternut soup and homemade bread. Omnomnomnom…

The session also seemed a bit abbreviated because there was significantly less action and more regroup and refit stuff going on. The party took a long rest after their encounter with the wight. They explored the shrine to Orcus in detail and Gunar figured that it could be destroyed and reconsecrated to the original gods but that would require some research, more experienced clergy and a good bit of time. So, they looted the shrine of treasure and recovered a bit before moving on.

They continued their exploration and soon ran into an ogre preparing an ambush for them. They defeated the ogre in 3 rounds but not before the beast serious injured Gunar. After a short rest Gunar felt better and the group found the ogre’s lair and a small cache of treasure. They grabbed what they could carry and decided to head back to Haven to report in to Anneles and do some admin kind of tasks. Quinton wasn’t particularly happy about this. He wanted to continue looking for Herah but the party wanted to regroup and resupply.

In Haven, Anneles was disappointed that they had not found Herah yet but understood the need to resupply themselves. She offered to determine which treasure items were magical since they were working on her behalf. The group had a nice meal at The Stumble Inn and procured rooms for the evening. They purchased some rations for an extended trek into the mountains in search of Herah and began to lay their plans.

Observations on the System

Not too much to report this time around as not a whole lot change and not much happened. I continue to like the phased initiative method of combat rounds. It seems to speed things up and not as much needs to be written down.

The characters are competent (even without vastly superior stats) but are not untouchable. Combat continues to be dangerous but without the feeling that one bad roll is going to kill a low level character. Characters get knocked unconscious with some frequency and at least one character has come close to dying. However, no one has actually been killed and everyone has been effective even when the combat encounters are difficult.

Quinton is the lone Mage in the party. I might have to create an NPC Mage… perhaps a Fighter/Mage or some such. Mostly because Quinton’s player is taking only battlefield control and buffing spells. This is awesome and he’s been very helpful to the party; however, it doesn’t give me a chance to try out the offensive spells and make sure they work in practice.

Everyone seems to continue to have fun. I’m pretty pleased overall.

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