Wow.  It’s been 2 years.  I guess I should explain why it’s been so long between posts. No, I haven’t died even though it seemed a close thing at times. Where to start?  Hmmmm…

Two years ago my family and I were living in Cape Town, South Africa. My wife and I were pastoring a church there. I was working full time as a software developer and Hazel was starting a cottage school from our home. Things were busy and sometimes difficult but we were doing well.  All of that fell apart during my attempt to renew my work visa. Without going into great detail, things went sideways and we were forced to leave the country. My family has been living with my parents for the last 9 months or so as we have attempted to reestablish our lives here in the States.

I know that isn’t much of an explanation but the full story would require a book and I don’t have the time or the motivation to get into the details. Hazel and I both have solid jobs now and we’re very close to moving back into our home after a lengthy renovation project. Life is becoming stable once more and I have come back to this blog now that it looks like I’ll be able to resume some of the hobbies and side activities that I had set aside during the long process of moving back Stateside.

Anyway… here’s how things stand.

Fantasy Adventure Stories: I put this away a while back for two reasons. First, all the crap going on didn’t leave me with the time or mental space to continue to work on this project.  Second, it had gotten to a point where I needed to get away from it and let it sit for a bit. I wanted to come back to it with fresh eyes and see what I had.  I started working on it again recently and have made some fairly major changes.  I’ll start posting some of those changes soon and I’ll release the next iteration of the game as well.

The Haven Campaign: This kind of fell apart when I moved 9000 miles from the players.  It’s probably not going to pick back up, which makes me a little sad. In the interim I haven’t had a good place to consistently game so that part of my life has been very barren. However, that is likely to change in the near future since my family is once again moving into our own home. I have a ready group of people and some game ideas. I’ll begin posting about these as things progress.

Life is settling back into a routine. This is leaving me time and energy to devote to the things I talk about in this blog.  It’s been a long time of quiet but I’m feeling good about getting back into this again. It’s welcome confirmation that life is okay and hasn’t completely spun off the rails. As they say in The Lego Movie, “Everything is awesome!”

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