Andrew and Hazel
Andrew and his cute-beyond-belief wife, Hazel

Hello and welcome to my awesome place of total awesomeness. Yes, I’ve been watching my son play way too much Skylanders lately. I had a near overwhelming urge to follow my opening sentence with a “BOOM!” Just like Captain Flynn. Fortunately I refrained from such a juvenile act so you can take me seriously.

Who am I? My name, as you can read on the title at the top of this site, is Andrew Cooper. I’m a reader and writer of all things fantasy and science fiction. This is a site for me to flex my creative muscles a bit. I’ll be posting stories, ideas, reviews and bits of my creative process here. Don’t take that to mean I think I’m some expert. I’m not. I’m learning. I’ve found that reading other people’s learning experiences has helped me and I want to pay it forward.

If you find something you like on this site, feel free to comment. If you find something you hate on this site, feel free to comment. I’d prefer constructive comments but will take blatant flattery or creative castigation as well. I do reserve the right to remove comments I find inappropriate. I also reserve the right to decide what is appropriate. I am paying for the site after all.

Have fun! I hope you enjoy yourself.